Youniquevoices’ Fancy WebDesign

Welcome to Youniquevoices’ flashy website design!

As soon as you access Youniquevoices website, you’ll be introduced to exactly what they have to offer. The video clips embedded on the webpage provide a truly entertaining and interactive experience for the user – it instantly catches your attention. The idea here was to get the visitor interested in what they have to offer, thus encouraging them to sign up. This is what our client requested. However flashy the design is, it is also not overwhelming. This is important, design-wise, as we want to appeal to people and not turn them away. Contact us and we will show you how we transform your website into something similar, but still completely unique to your business.

Younique Voices
Younique Voices

User-friendly, Informational and Streamlined Design

CWS Designed Younique Voice’s Website

If you’re worrying that the graphics will look weird on mobile, fear not! We adjusted the graphics to make it mobile-friendly and intuitive without sacrificing the pixels and necessary information. Users can easily fill out the registration fields or log in through mobile. We also adjusted the pixels on the image gallery so they don’t look blurred and will automatically adjust to your phone’s resolution. Most people rely on their mobile phones for communication and information and that is why we created the website to be intuitive and user-friendly. We made it easier for your website visitors to fill in the fields and navigate through the options through mobile. Contact us now and we’ll be happy to design your website.

CWS for Youniquevoices

Professionally Designed Website

We don’t just create attention-grabbing graphics, we also optimize keywords for your website. We aim to get your site at the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing search results so prospective clients would be able to easily find you. Don’t worry for we only use proper SEO techniques in order to achieve this. This is important for websites and business as you need to establish your trustworthiness online to get clients. Our clients are all very happy and often refer us to other businesses. If you want your business to gain more views and get more sign-ups, feel free to contact us. We’d also love to hear your ideas and collaborate with you on creating the best website for your needs.

Younique Voices
Younique Voices

Unique Website Features

Website Design for Youniquevoices

An easy to remember URL — that is the first step to more internet traffic. We make sure that your website name is optimized for keyword searches. Since the goal is to get people to sign up, we saved space by using tabs for the registration and log-in fields. The menu is placed at the top of the page for accessibility. Looking at the page, you won’t get distracted by the flashing lights and video clips, but it will catch your attention and want to browse more. We manually created the website via CSS coding and advanced web applications. We tested for bugs before launching to ensure the highest quality. Contact us now and we’ll create your amazing and creative website.

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